Disadvantages of silicone based lubricants


  • Water based to avoid water in a food and beverage production
  • Silicone, an open molecule, immediately marries with water or dirt. It is used to grow bacteria in laboratories.
  • Silicone is sprayed on the conveyors. The overspray (particles) are all over the production area, machines and conveyors.
  • Silicone is difficult to clean, ruins conveyors and chains (sticky layer on conveyors)
  • With eye contact, you can loose eyesight
  • Lubricant separates and can block dosing units, brushes, tubes and the result is lubrication not working anymore
  • Longer and more expensive cleaning


Expensive and dangerous in a clean production environment!


  • After some days, in a transparent container you clearly see the separated silicone
  • Also separated is the water base of these silicone lubricants
  • First top lawyer shows a consistent, stable CDLS, Nabima’s ceramic based lubricant